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CAREYE Safety Angle

CAREYE Smart Camera System


The camera-based sensor technology of the QUALITYEYE product suite enables a very detailed testing of specific process steps, such as:

  • weld seam testing

  • testing the position of components, connectors (such as nuts), holes, labels, etc. in the longitudinal and transverse direction 

  • components detection and position determination

  • paint testing

  • detection of defects such as chips, tool breakage or the like.

The high frame rate of the cameras enables the highest detection rates with the lowest error rates.

Motivation for QualityEye.

  • Requirement of a high level of production speed (production throughput) and precision (reduction of rejects or subsequent costs to remedy a possible
    quality problem, i.e. product recall, production stop)

  • Compliance with normative and entrepreneurial standards

  • Closing of the control loop for quality assurance and consideration of measurable KPIs and cost savings

Our services for you.

  • Consulting in defining the state analysis, tasks and objectives

  • Evaluation of required modules and project planning

  • Training and testing

  • Implementation and test run

  • Operational transfer 

  • Support and follow-up support

Varnish Testing.

  • Varying thickness of the varnish 

  • Trapped bubbles

  • Inclusions due to atmospheric pollution, such as dust deposits

  • Uneven surfaces, e.g. caused by a burr

  • Colour, reflectivity

Injection Moulding Technique.

  • Checks the dimensions of products, i.e. creep effects or injection errors

  • Analyses the colour of the product (changes in  granulate, paint mist, runs, dulling)

  • Detects Surface Damage, i.e. cratches, dust inclusions, adhesive residue

  • For transparent products defects as for example grey haze are detected through abrasion and dark particles

Weld Seam Detection.

  • Sampling rate and detection based on 90 frames per second

  • 0% error rate and > 98 % detection rate

  • Supports reliably employees

  • I/O via PLC controlling downstream industrial plants 

  • Remote maintenance via VPN access

  • Easy installation and commissioning

  • Possibility to trigger the camera via hardware and software 

  • Simple GUI for users 

  • Durable and robust, flexible design 

Position and Defect Testing.

  • Checks in longitudinal and transverse direction with an accuracy of 0,1 mm

  • Detects components, fasteners (e.g. nuts), holes or labels 

  • Determines the location of the DUT (Device Under Test) 

  • Detects defects such as chips and other manufacturing residues or broken tools

  • The application imports CAD data and outputs trend lines